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Artists are the ultimate makers. By sheer force of will, complete devotion and never-ending creativity, they craft something out of nothing with their very own hands, hands that paint, draw, cut, carve, saw, mold, assemble, weave, weld, coax, twist, pull, push, roll, sew. The studio is their test kitchen, their inventing room, their living library. Artists make the intangible tangible. 

In celebration of these creators, The Maven features more than 700 paintings, sculptures, photographs, and more - all from Colorado artists. The art featured on this page are some of the more popular pieces, but if you are interested in any other of the beautiful pieces at The Maven don't hesitate to browse all of our public areas or ask one of our Mavens for more info.  

Maven Hotel Lobby

Location: Maven Hotel Lobby

Andrew Ramiro TiradoThe Quantifiable and The Ineffable

One might view the hand motif as a response to the “digital” age and the nearly wholesale societal separation between the maker and the made via all manner of surrogates. But there is also an unmistakable and powerful human element inherent in the iconography of the hand involving ideas like connection and touch, vulnerability, and strength. Open hands are indicative of greater internal strength, fortitude, and courage than the iconic closed fist, implying a willingness to trust, to risk, and even, if need be, to suffer on behalf of, and for the betterment of, others. Hands are the tools by which our hearts and minds physically engage the world, and exquisitely daedal sculptural subjects.

Travis HetmanDark Matter Gathering

In Dark Matter Gathering, an assemblage of over 300 found black and white photographs, Travis has offered a seemingly infinite universe that reads like an American folklore meets the Twilight Zone. These appropriated antique photographs in one way feel like your family’s long-lost photo album, or when seen in another way they appear to be an alternate universe that operates parallel to our own. In each photograph, tiny little universes appear, suggesting that the thin veil between our universe and other universes is everywhere around us. Where this dark matter appears, the laws of our known world fade way, causing the images to rearrange in surprising fashion. Through the careful and meticulous placement of each of his tiny dark matter clusters, group photographs and landscapes become a stage where nothing is separate, yet an infinite realm of possibilities exist.

Maven Hotel Lobby Elevators

Location: Maven Hotel Lobby Elevators

Dairy Block Alley

Location: Dairy Block Alley

Collin ParsonHere

Collin’s goal is to push the viewer beyond everyday limits of perception, assisting one in discovering an informed awareness of this captured beauty. Incorporating nature (light) with the geometric gesture, he hopes to achieve a spiritual meditative experience. He achieves this by using fluorescent and light emitting diodes with the inclusion of colored gel, controlling these combined elements help capture the vivid demonstrations of the principles of geometrics, light, space, color, and dimension. It’s time to give light the primary role, rather than the secondary, supportive role. Collin’s work expresses the fascination about one of the purest artistic and scientific mediums.

Karen FisherMod Maude

Karen Fisher finds fashion model imagery and builds her own rendering using multiple references, highlighting the gestural aspects of the figure. Some of her garment references come from Japanese textile patterns found in books about Samurai warriors, while other design pattern ideas come from history books where markings on ancient artifacts are re-imagined as clothing designs. These influences enter her work to create a new woman altogether.

Maker's Suite at The Maven

Location: Maker's Suite at The Maven